About us

We want to protect the environment, justice and support future generations in various ways.

This is the foundation we have in our investments and it is a natural part of our community involvement.

We choose collaborations and investments that highlight Triasco’s role as a social actor in the countries in which we operate – and that promote what we have learned over the years is the basis for successful growth; entrepreneurship and innovation, to strengthen young people’s chances of success through social inclusion and learning.

We are convinced that the world needs more people to start and develop companies so that we can create growth and new jobs in the future.

With the financial knowledge and the opportunities we have, we see the need to share our knowledge with all groups in society.

In this way, we can contribute to better functioning societies.

Through our clear policy, Triasco wants to support equal opportunities and contribute to social inclusion.

Projects led by Triasco


The strategy of TRIASCO GMBH with seat in Switzerland (together, with its subsidiaries, partner companies and trusted capital) is to seek to produce investment returns commensurate with the risk incurred in making those investments.


Triasco may without limitation, except as set forth below, invest in listed and not listed companies visavi private equity funds.Triasco may without limitation, except as set forth below, invest alongside private equity funds and other alternative assets in the Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Germany, Sri Lanka and Maldives. Up to twenty-five percent of Triascos net asset value may be invested in any securities or assets in any jurisdiction.


Triascos intends to hold a diversified portfolio of investments focused on Solarenergy, Real Estate (including Property development) , Natural Resources and Fish farming most of this with a Main focus on Sri Lanka and Maldives. However, Triasco may decide based on market conditions to place up to forty percent of Triascos asset value at the time of the investment in a single Investment.


Triascos cash management shall be handled internally through placing cash reserves in secure short-term interest-bearing instruments or in its bank accounts. The objective of Triascos liquidity management is primarily to preserve the nominal value of that capital.


Triasco may commit to invest in private equity funds in an amount that is greater than its net asset value at the time of the commitment, provided that such amount does not exceed 130 percent of the net asset value at the time of the Commitment.


Triascos dividend policy is aimed at, over time, returning to owners between fifty and seventy-five percent of Triascos profit after tax, excluding unrealized income and costs. This return of profits may be made through dividends, share buy­backs or otherwise. Triasco retains the right to adjust its dividend policy in light of perceived market Opportunities and risks.

Triasco GmbH

Bahnhofstrasse 39




The Company Triasco

The Company Triasco GmbH was founded in 1995 by the current CEO and partner Christian Pasina. Since then the firm has seen itself as a partner for all aspects of its clients’ asset structures.

– The basis for this was the individual long-term planning around sustainable assets (including the establishment of international companies and trusts by specialized partners).

– The monitoring and support of existing investments.

– The mediation of alternative investments and classic real estate investments.

In 2010, Christian Pasina was a founding member of a new wealth management company and Triasco focused on its business on fiduciary services and the holding of equities and bonds.

Since 2020 the objects of the Company and its main activities are the holding and acquire participations, the assumption of management activities and the provision of services for companies which develop, manufacture and sell products and services especially in the renewable energy and infrastructure sectors.

Facts about Christian Pasina

– Many years experience in exchange trading and as an advisor for private and institutional clients (incl. pension funds).

– Leading position in portfolio management and equity research.

– Investment advisor in private banking (incl. some years on the executive board of a private bank in Zurich, Switzerland (Deputy CEO).

– Founding partner of one of the leading independent Swiss wealth management companies.

– Member of supervisory board of a German company in the renewable energy sector

Administrative Coordinator

A.G. Gamini Wijayarathna


Senior Lecturer

Former Vice President

Pulathisipura National College of Education

A leading pre-service Teacher Education institute in Sri Lanka.

Former Diplomat in Sri Lanka Embassy, Berlin, Germany

Third Secretary

In Charge of bilateral Trade, Tourism, Tea Promotion & Education cooperation.

Television & Print Media Journalist

Sirasa TV/MTV & The Island.

Senior English Teacher

Ministry of Education of Sri Lanka.

District Secretary & National Committee member of Sri Lanka Red Cross Society.

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